Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the vulnerable majority

for nearly one year, i have been tending to the vulnerable majority of middle tennessee. i created this space to document some of my encounters, to bring the humility, anger, frustration, tears, elation, drug-induced behavior to the table. the assumption and consumption of these strangers' woes married with my own transition into the horrendous blow to the face society sweetly sings, adulthood, compiles these musings.

number one reality: nurses are not that nice.
number two reality: church parishioners, when it comes to getting their drugs/procedures/results, are pretty big assholes.
number three reality: wow, doctor's egos are exponentially worse than i could have ever imagined. hissy fits are not an unheard of behavior of grown men with advanced professional degrees.
number four reality: the human capacity to receive bullshit, thanks in large part to my friend lexapro, is REmarkable.

there are many realities out there that i was once blind to. i hope to share and illustrate these with greater depth.

until then,
thank you for calling, my name is your bitch, how may i help you?

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